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Physical Education Department

The main goal of Physical Education Department is to make the education process and students’ education more humanistic within the scope of physical culture. The Department aims at preparation of students to take care of the body and health. In this framework, it is essential to work on body development in connection with personal development, which is intended to encourage body awareness. Thus, physical education is the inspiration and working method in achieving this goal.

The Department provides optimal conditions for the development of students’ body fitness and skills, taking into account their individual physical and health conditions. Classes in the Department are mandatory for full-time students from 1st and 2nd years for all five faculties. Students can choose from the following sports sections:

  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • football
  • aerobics
  • dance
  • Aikido
  • swimming
  • table tennis
  • recreation (exercises of general development)

Extra-mural students can attend sports sections of the School Club of AZS-KSW, which is the integral part of the Department. The unit has its own gym. The premises are well equipped with devices, equipment and sports instruments. In addition, the premises have very good social and sanitary facilities, including showers. Classes in dance, Aikido, swimming, rowing, and football in summer take place outside the gym. Moreover, Physical Education Department implements the programme within methodological and practical classes of the Faculty of Pedagogics, in the specialisation of Protection and Physical Education.