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Publishing House

The Publishing House of KSW in Włocławek has been in existence since 1997. Its main objective is to present scientific output of the School. There are textbooks published for students, conferences and scientific seminar materials, publications presenting results of research works, collective works and monographs. Each year Publishing Council, consisting of representatives of all faculties at the School, establishes a publishing schedule. Publications are edited by experienced editors from School and a Publishing House „Lega” of Włocławek Scholarly Association. Within six years over 90 titles have been published. All books as well as periodicals are submitted for publication after positive reviews from authorities outside the KSW. Apart from books, the School also publishes its own periodical series: „Scientific Journals of WSHE” and „Scientific Debuts of WSHE”. The content of volumes is prepared by scientific editors and editing boards of both „Journals” and „Debuts”. Within „Scientific Journals”, which appeared in eleven issues, materials prepared by academic teachers from the WSHE were published, from other higher education institutions as well as institutions co-operating with the School.

Materials to be published in Journals are gathered and published in separate volumes within fields represented by individual faculties. As regards „Scientific Debuts”, within this publication articles and materials of younger scientific workers (assistants), students and graduates are presented. Also diploma and master’s theses of WSHE students can be published therein. The other, newest publishing series launched in December 2002, is the publication „Open Lectures”. It aims to publish a separate brochure of lectures and presentations of famous and respectable representatives of different scientific fields, who were invited to lecture at the School. WSHE and its Publishing House particularly promote the publication of textbooks for students, enabling them to follow concepts presented to them by the teaching staff of the School. WSHE organises many conferences and scientific seminars all year long.

The results of some of them are also presented in publications, being the source of additional information for students or useful in other ways for other readers. Since 1997 a Semester Journal of the Cuiavian University in Włocławek „VLADISLAVIA” has been published twice a year – in February and November.