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Foreign Language Department

Foreign Languages Department is an intercollegiate unit whose main task is to organise language classes for all students at KSW. The Head of the Department is Mrs Joanna Skiba.

Students can choose from English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian. The standard number of classes is on average 180 in the regular system, and 60 in the extra-mural system. All students must take a written exam at the end of the course.

Large part of the course is conducted in the modern language laboratory equipped with 15 computer units (Windows NT, Internet and multimedia packages EuroPlus+ and English in Action).

The fact that the students can work in the laboratory makes the teaching process more varied and brings them closer to a real language.

The levels of achievement adopted within the Council of Europe Framework (from A1 to C2) allow to assess students’ knowledge according to clear standards.

Both types of the above mentioned exams are officially recognised as a formal language qualification.

Registration on-line at:

EuroClub KSW

EuroClub KSW is a language school started by KSW four years ago. It is a commercial venture, both for the university’s students and people outside the school. The groups are divided on basis of the students’ age, level of competence and objectives. Admission starts at the beginning of each academic year.

Teacher Training

During each academic year the Foreign Languages Department organises seminars, conferences and training sessions for language teachers. The methodological support stems from publishing houses or language institutes. All participants get certificates of attendance.